WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Hamilton The SHIV Device

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Hamilton The SHIV Device

Hamilton Devices is proud to present the Hamilton The SHIV Device – our first-ever variable voltage battery. With a mechanism that allows users to adjust the battery voltage, it’s designed to offer vapers not only the ultimate hits but also the ultimate control over their vaping.

The Shiv is equipped with a deploy and retract technology with which you can adjust the voltage to a tenth of a volt or as per your requirements for a more precise heat control. How does it work? It’s quite simple really: On each click of the ‘plus’ (or ‘minus’) adjust button, the voltage increases (or decreases) by 0.1 volt.

Besides variable voltage adjustment control, the Shiv also offers discretion. As you push the thumb slide up, the cartridge is instantly deployed, ready for use and as you move it downward, it is immediately retracted back to its concealed position. Its stealth use makes it an instant hit with all types of crowds as does its aesthetic appeal! Its sleek build lends it a contemporary look. Besides, its design makes it hard for onlookers to guess what it’s really used for, unless you tell them! What’s more is that you can even have the color and branding customized to fit your unique needs.

The Shiv’s small size makes it easily portable so you can carry it with ease wherever you go. Simply slide it into your trouser packet or carry it in your purse so you’re not deprived of your next puff, even on the go. But don’t be fooled by the battery’s tiny dimensions – it works with both 0.5 ml and 1.0 ml cartridges. Are you ready for a vaping experience that you can control? Order the Shiv today!


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  • High quality circuit board with multiple protections
  • Rechargeable with Micro-USB Port ( USB charger included )
  • does not include cartridge



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MAINTENANCE TIPS: Any device dealing with oils has the potential to leak and general cleaning maintenance will keep the device at its optimal performance.
RECOMMENDED CLEANING: 1-2x per battery charge or depending on usage with a Q-Tip and rubbing alcohol.

3 Reviews

  • 3
    It was great until it wasn't

    Posted by Steve on Jul 29th 2022

    Really loved this but it stopped working after a year. When I called Hamilton they informed me the warranty was only six months. They do not service them at all and they did not offer me any coupon or discounts to keep me as a customer. For the money it should work more than a year.

  • 5
    This is no joke! Sleek and has a nice hit

    Posted by Sue on May 14th 2022

    This is the nicest vape I have had yet for my carts! It works great, hits are strong and it is solid! I like that the cart hides inside. It does make noise when releasing the cart, not a bad thing, just know for discretion.

  • 5
    Hamilton Shiv

    Posted by Curtis on Mar 15th 2022

    This thing is so nice. Hits so smooth. And is built like a tank. After getting this I sold my 2 Uni's. Not a fan of their adapters. They hit pretty good but not as smooth as the Shiv.
    Hopefully it lasts for awhile. Curious how the switch blade mechanism holds up.