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Nitecore i8 Intelligent Battery Charger 8-Bay

Nitecore i8 Intelligent Battery Charger (8-Bay)

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Nitecore i8 Intelligent Battery Charger (8-Bay)

The Nitecore i8 8-Bay Intelligent Battery Charger provides one of the industry's renowned charger manufacturers with the introduction of its first eight slot battery bay alongside Active Current Distribution technology and automated detection of batteries. Building upon providing a highly effective and easy to utilize battery charging platform, the Nitecore i8 follows in line with the i4 and the i2, providing an effective operational usage with two 4-bays on each side of the charger. It is integrated with simple charging indicator with a light-up mechanism, alongside a plethora of safety protections such as Reverse Polarity, Short Circuit, and Over-Time Protection. The Nitecore i8 can charges and controls 8 slots independently for industry's leading efficiency, with a maximum charge rate of 1500mA in a single slot. The addition of USB charging adds to the versatility of the charger, with a max output charge of 5V and 2.1A. The entire chassis is constructed from flame retardant and fire-resistance polycarbonate materials with faster dissipation design. Intelligently constructed with a suite of protections and easy-to-use operations of a multi-functional charger with an impressive eight slot battery bay, the Nitecore i8 8-Bay is perfect for all your battery charging needs.

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• Dimensions: 117mm by 101mm by 134.5mm
• 8-Bay Battery Charger
• Active Current Distribution
• Independent Charging and Monitoring
• USB Output Charging Capability
• Three Charging Modes: Constant Current, Constant Voltage
• Automatically Detect Power Level of Batteries
• Selects Appropriate Voltage & Charging Mode
• Over-Charging Prevention
• Reverse Polarity Protection
• Short-Circuit Protection