WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Smiss Julmate 1100mAh Juul Charging Case

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Smiss Julmate 1100mAh Juul Charging Case

The Julmate by Smiss is an extraordinary daily charger to pair perfectly with the JUUL** by having a small and light formfactor boasting a size of 125mm by 40mm by 20mm. The convenience of storing your JUUL* in the Julmate is as simple as flipping the top section opening, laying your JUUL* down and snapping it in. In addition, removing the JUUL* from the Julmate is done easily with the groove located on the opposite side of the magnetic charging Located on the side of the Julmate is a single battery along with five battery life indicators. Holding the power button for two seconds turns the Julmate on and automatically shuts down once your JUUL* is completely charged and capable of doing it up to four times when the Julmate has full power. Charging the Julmate is as simple as plugging a micro-usb into the port and capable of charging from 1A to 2A. All in all, the Julmate Charger is an extremely great carry-on for day to day travel ensuring that your JUUL** Device will have always have battery come what may.

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• JUUL** Charging Case
• Single Button Operation
• Approximate 30 Minute Charge Time
• Automatic Charging Cut-Off
• Chargeable Up to Four Times
• Holds One JUUL** Device (NOT INCLUDED)
• Flip to Open Case
• 1100 mAh Battery Power
• USB Charging Port
• 1A to 2A Charging
• Battery Life Indicator

• 1 Smiss Julmate Juul Charger