WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
VRK F2 Smart Charger | 2-Bay

VRK F2 Smart Charger (2-Bay)

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VRK F2 Smart Charger (2-Bay)

From the makers of VRK Batteries, this 2-bay charger will juice up your device at a rapid pace. Because of its compact size, the F2 can be utilized as a stay at home or on-the-go device. Know exactly how charged your batteries really are with its 30%, 80%, and 100% light indicated markings. Also comes equipped with an external adapter for minimal heating while charging. One of the fastest charging rates for batteries on the market today.

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• 2 Bay
• Input: 5v = 2A (max)
• Output: 4.18v = 1A*2
• Charging Current of 2000 mAh
• Polarity Protection