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Nitecore UM20 Digital Smart Charger

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Nitecore UM20 Digital Smart Charger

The Nitecore UM20 is the latest innovation that is a USB powered Li-ion battery charger. It is compact, fully automated with clear digital display of detail charging status and charges many different type Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries.

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• High definition LCD displays real time charging status
• Automatically stop charging when complete
• Reverse polarity protection
• Apply the proper charging current and voltage based on the battery type and capacity.
• USB output port to charge your mobile phones or tablets
• Prioritize either the battery charger or USB output port based on your selection.
• Selects charging current based on battery capacity
• Rear USB cable winder that keeps your charger compact and organized
• Enables data transfer via USB
• Optimized charging for IMR batteries
• Ultra-safe with optimal heat dissipation and fire retardant materials
• Environmently friendly certified by RoHS, CE, FCC and CEC

• UM20 Digital charger x1
• MicroUSB-USB power cord x1